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‘Diva’s Guide’ is soulful fun

Terri Schlichenmeyer

Every now and then, don’t you wish you were two years old again? No, really, think about this for a minute. You can play with your food and people kind of expect it. Naps are not only permissible, they’re encouraged. And if you don’t get what you want, you can lay on the floor and have a tantrum.So now that you’re grown up, what would you do to get what you want? V made a pact with a devil named Lucy, but in the new novel “The Diva’s Guide to Selling Your Soul” by Kathleen O’Reilly (c.2005, Downtown Press / Pocket Books), she’s beginning to believe that it’s not what she wants after all.You can call her V, because that’s what everybody calls her. First names aren’t needed when you’re the darling of the fashion world. V’s designer bags are a hot trend in Manhattan, and V is on top of the world. Money, fame, power, men, and more money, V has it all.Except for a soul. She doesn’t have a soul any more.Two years ago, V sold her soul to the devil. This isn’t a red-horns-and-tail sort of demon. This devil’s name is Lucy, and she’s chic, charming, and charismatic. Everybody knows her and everybody wants to be in her presence, particularly those who want to have it all. Those are the people recruited for the Life Enrichment Program.Everybody enters the Life Enrichment Program at Level 1. One soul recruited gains the recruiter the powers of Level 2, and so on; a sort of an Evil Pyramid Scheme. With Lucy’s encouragement, V sets out to recruit as many souls as she can, so that she can move up the ladder quickly. Getting Level 4 Mind Reading Powers could be pretty useful, you know.And then V meets Meegan. Sweet little Meegan, who wants nothing more than to have a baby. Unfortunately for her, Lucy wants nothing more than Meegan’s soul, and she orders V to get it for her. That’s something V would normally do in a New York minute, except that lately, she’s been re-thinking this soulless existence thing. And then there’s that man, Nathaniel, who seems to see some good in a very bad, bad girl.”The Diva’s Guide to Selling Your Soul” is a fun little book with lots of glam name-dropping and asides that you’ll best understand if you’re a faithful fashion-magazine reader. My only complaint is that I wish Nathaniel had been around more. On the other hand, the very nice thing about Nathaniel is that author Kathleen O’Reilly didn’t take the easy route with his character. He’s not what you might, at first, think he is. If he had been, it would have ruined an otherwise good story.This is not a book with deep meaning. It’s fluffy as a cotton ball, but if you’re looking for a great beach read, then sell whatever you need to, sell Grandma’s china if you have tojust get this book. VT

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