DJ Dan plays at Samana in Vail Sunday night |

DJ Dan plays at Samana in Vail Sunday night

Charlie Owen
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado ” There are some people who think that deejaying is simply playing records and scratching vinyl.

Washington native DJ Dan (Daniel Wherret) has a few words for those people.

“So many things go into deejaying … programming the right music for the right crowd at the right time, mixing the music so that the entire set is fluid and blends together well. And then on top of that, taking the time to find the music, which can take a long time,” DJ Dan said.

In other words, the collective efforts of assembling music and reading the crowd is only a small part of a DJ’s job. They are basically in charge of luring the crowd onto the dance floor and making sure they have a reason to shake it.

That’s what DJ Dan will attempt to do tonight at Samana Lounge in Vail.

Samana house DJ Peter Blick has high expectations for tonight’s turnout and DJ Dan’s performance.

“He’s one of the bigger name guys and he’s earned it,” Blick said. “There’s a lot of chumps out there so we’re excited to have him up. There’s a pretty good hype on it, I would expect really good numbers for it.”

DJ Dan felt destiny calling him as a teenager. He would watch Donald Glaude (another innovative house DJ from Washington) from the crowd at shows and he knew right away that he wanted to follow in Glaude’s footsteps.

Since making his own way in the Los Angeles rave scene during the early ’90s, DJ Dan has since gone on to become one of the most well-respected and sought-after DJs in the country. He defines his style as “modern age disco,” but has no problem adjusting his style to meet the demands of the crowd.

He has also re-launced his own record label “InStereo” and is planning a tour to showcase the artists on his label, he said.

So what kind of venue does a DJ who has toured the world like to play most?

“It’s nice to play bigger parties but sometimes more enjoyable to play smaller, more intimate venues,” DJ Dan said.

And Samana Lounge is about as intimate as it gets.

Make no mistake about it though, just because DJ Dan has been labeled “the hardest working DJ in America” by some music publications doesn’t mean that his hectic touring and recording schedule doesn’t take a toll on him.

When he is not doing either of these things he said he just looks forward to relaxing.

Even DJs get tired of working it seems.

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