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Matt Inden/The Vail TrailOne turntable and a microphone: DJ Weez (a.k.a., Scott Peterson) spins during White Trash Wednesdays at the Sandbar.

It’s likely that you know Scott Peterson’s voice, even if you don’t know Scott Peterson.

For nearly 20 years, Peterson, also known as DJ Weez, has been a staple on local radio. Though he’s bounced around the dial over the years, he got his start on the Zephyr in ’87 and that, once again, is his home. His show, One Love Music, plays every Wednesday night at 9 and Sunday night at 10 on KZYR, 97.7. And if you want to see the man behind the booming voice, he’s the spin master keeping the dance floor moving at The Sandbar in West Vail two nights a week – on White Trash Wednesdays and Reggae Night Sundays.

He sat down with The Trail at Pazzo’s after a day on the slopes to talk about his time living in the Windy City, his career as a DJ and why White Trash Wednesdays are so popular.

CS: You lived in Chicago for awhile?

DJ W: Yeah, I was here and then tried to go to Chicago, tried for almost three years. I came back last December. I’m just not really cut out for the city. Nine million people, that’s a huge city. It was a little more than I could handle. Looking at buildings and steel and concrete and the hustle and bustle, that motivates some people creatively. For me, that’s not what motivates me creatively. Wildlife, mountains, that’s what motivates me.

CS: How long have you been married?

DJ W: Three years, I think we thought the geographic thing would just fall into place, but it really hasn’t. I envision part-time Chicago and part-time Colorado for a few more years and then hopefully somewhere full-time together.

CS: How did you get into DJ-ing, when did you first start?

DJ W: Broadcasting school, I guess. I was basically going to college, not going to class a lot. But I learned how to dunk a basketball that spring – my buddy and I were like, we’re just going to focus on learning how to dunk. He’s in town this week, in Breckenridge, my old buddy, Mike. He’s like this brilliant dude, he’s an engineer or something and I’m a ski bum, a radio personality. I guess we all have different paths.

CS: That’s for sure.

DJ W: Anyway, I was basically not making the grade, communications was my major. I had taken this class twice and got a C- both times. A C was OK, a C- was not. I was going to have to change majors. I was in my hometown for the summer thinking about what I was going to do. My mom was like, ‘You should go to this broadcasting school in Minneapolis. You should talk for a living because you talk all the time.’ I was like, ‘OK, are you going to pay for that?’ Because they were pretty fed up with me not getting good grades. They were trying to help me with college, but they were like, ‘we’re not going to help you if you’re not really hanging in there. You need to go to class.’ I went to this broadcasting school and when I was done (the school) told me they could place me in a five-state area, which was Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin. I was like, I think I’ve spent enough time in this part of the country. I want to be out where I can ski.

CS: So Colorado was it, huh?

DJ W: Yeah, I came out and ran around giving out my tapes and resumes. Then I went back to Minnesota, it was basically a good vacation in Colorado for a few weeks. But I got a call from a guy that was from the Zephyr, and it was called the Zephyr at the time. I came out – that’s where I got my start, at the Zephyr in ’87, I was just a part-time DJ on the weekends. I left there in the spring and didn’t work on the radio for a few months. Then I got a job at KLITE- it was funky stuff. It was like Roberta Flack, who I’m a fan of, but then like Christopher Cross, who I’m not really a fan of. Nothing against him, but …

That’s it for this White Trash thing – I like all of those songs, I like Willie Nelson, 50 Cent, whoever. Today on my headset I had Widespread Panic, tons of reggae and Black Eyed Peas. I just got my iPod so there’s not too much on it yet. I have Marley on there and Damien Marley, who’s going to win the reggae Grammy this year.

CS: Where did the name DJ Weez come from?

DJ W: Weez is short for Weezle, which I’ve finally gotten shortened, a little. I was nicknamed Weasel when I was 7 by my father. He didn’t like little Scotty. I was named after my uncle – he was big Scotty and I was little Scotty. In high school my teachers even called me Weezle. I went to college and I was Scott for maybe a month and then my friends come from home and tell everyone, ‘no one calls him Scott.’ I switch to broadcasting school and I’m Scott for a little while and then I’m Weezle again. Then I’m on the radio, so I’m Scott Peterson. For a really long time, there were a lot of people who didn’t know that I was Scott Peterson on the radio and I was Weez.

People were like, wow, I didn’t put that together for awhile. Finally I think we’ve gotten past the Weezle thing – I’ve finally gotten it shortened, which is good since I’m almost 40. The next question is how long will I be club DJ-ing for? I don’t know, I’m a ski bum, so it’s hard to say.

CS: Why is White Trash Wednesdays so popular?

DJ W: I think it’s ’cause there’s so many people who want to make sure they represent. Again, there’s not a lot of color in this valley – there’s a lot of white people here, that’s one reason. And isn’t White Trash more happenin’ now? I mean, Britney Spears, she’s a little trashy. The Jackass dudes, they’re a little trashy. Bam – he’s total white trash. It’s hip now – hip to be trashy. Plus those big cans of PBR, people just love those. VT

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