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DJs among us

Brian Ross

nFriday – Start the weekend off right with DJ Late Night at the Platzl, or is it Tongo’s? Well whatever the venue name Late Night is there to entertain, amuse, and even frighten. You never know what he might play, but it will definitely include plenty of hip-hop and punk rock. On the top floor of Sanctuary is Mike Mcgoun playing anything you can and will dance to. And he’s good at taking requests. Downstairs, by the bar, are the boys of Delta 9 Productions, Tyler and Jayson, who also go by the noms de guerre, DJ Akawa-kultur and DJ Paradice. These two Washington D.C. natives have been spinning and living in the valley for quite a while, perfecting their house beats by adding some funky tribal flair. By spinning tag-team style they can control the tempo on each switch. As the bar fills up, the beats get harder. Don’t be afraid to put the drink down and do some dancing, crowd movement lets them know if they are on the right track. It might not have the music of a club scene, but 8150 returns with Fight Night, only this one can be talked about. Lace up the gloves and fight a tournament or just a grudge match. This monthly event is Vail’s own version of a highly amateur boxing night. Beware the Ring Girl Contest.

nSaturday – 8150 once again brings in one of the nation’s biggest names to get behind the decks. This time they import from the snow-inundated East Coast with DJ Micro from New York. Micro was one of the many DJs who helped found the New York rave scene. With a residency at Caffeine and headlining spots on tours, he displayed what URB describes as, “acid melodies and surging drum rolls.” He put his hard-edged trance and breakbeats on vinyl with quite a few records, including Moonshine Records’ “Tech-Mix 2000.” This one remained on the Billboard Dance Chart top 50 for six months. With more than 14 years on the wheels of steel, he certainly knows how to get the floor bouncing. Styles change if you head to The Bridge, where Steve Stone and Z-28 take control of the ones and twos. They will be laying down the hip-hop beats. From underground to more popular tracks, it is all about getting the crowd into the rhythms on the dance floor.

nSunday – It’s time to relax. No one should have to work hard except the fine folks behind the bars of the valley’s watering holes and clubs. As for the clubs, Sanctuary continues their Service Industry Night with house music to get your mind off the fact that this week hasn’t been as busy as we all hoped. A more underground scene is emerging – where else but underground at The Bridge with Sunday Night Solutions. DJ .Com takes the decks and turns up the bass and delay on his house tracks to create the dub sound. Scotty adds the vocals and percussions to the mix and more can always be added by one of the special guests. It is a true lo-fi roots experience. If your base is down valley, you don’t have to travel far for a place to wind down. Agave hosts DJ C-Note and his Zen-Den. True chill-out vibes flow out of the high-tech DJ booth with hip-hop and down beat tunes.

nMonday – If you think you have what it takes to rule the wheels of steel, sign up for Open Turntable Night at 8150. Those without the skills come as well. Agave pumps up the energy from the night before with Groove. DJs Gibby, Mike-D, Crack-A, and Anime-A each take the controls to spin and mix their style of music. With house, progressive, breakbeats and trance, many genres are represented.

nTuesday – Steve Stone and Z-28 reprise their Saturday-night antics at The Bridge. If you missed it on the weekend, to miss it again is a mistake. Agave keeps the beat flowing with Chris Kuchler and his Chicago-style funky house.

nWednesday – Humpty-Hump returns to 8150. The Oakland-raised crew of Digital Underground is back with Shock-G and his alter ego Humpty-Hump Humphrey to give you a steady diet of Parliament and Funkadelic samples with humorous and explicit lyrics on top. This is the crew that originally brought us Tupac, and if you don’t remember “The Humpty Dance” off the album Sex Packets, you have possibly spent your life in a vacuum.

An interesting week is about to ensue. With top DJs, classic hip-hop and local talent everywhere, Vail’s clubs definitely provide the way, now you need to show up with the means.

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