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DNC: Drowning pups, conspiracies and Fox News

Julia Cobb
Fort Collins Now Intern
Vail CO, Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” It seems unavoidable that every day, during some demonstration, some angry radical protester finds someone involved with Fox News.

The angry protester then proceeds to decry the unlucky reporter/commentator/anchor and cause a massive ruckus that nearly overshadows the protest and its message. It happened Sunday with the “F**k Fox News” altercation during the anti-war march to the Pepsi Center, and now it has happened again.

During the Recreate 68 ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ levitation of the Denver Mint protest Monday afternoon, conservative blogger and frequent Fox News commentator Michelle Malkin was recognized by 9/11 Truth member Alex Jones.

Mr. Jones, who is also a radio commentator, and the organization he represents believe that the September 11 terrorist attacks were planned by the U.S. government or at least that the White House had prior knowledge of the attacks.

Mrs. Malkin was apparently on hand to cover the event for an unidentified news station and even though several members of Recreate ’68, the group who had planned the protest, rushed to defend her free speech rights in the face of Mr. Jones’ ridiculous tirade, Mrs. Malkin spent a good 15 or 20 minutes moving around Court Street, trying to avoid Mr. Jones.

Among other things, Mr. Jones called Mrs. Malkin a “fascist piece of trash” and cried “Shame on you! You support torture!”

And then things got extra bizarre. Through the massive crush of reporters wielding notebooks and cameras, I overheard something about puppies. And then something about drowning puppies. And then it was the Marines drowning puppies. What? Like seriously, what?

But my ears had not deceived me. Mr. Jones was indeed accusing Mrs. Malkin of supporting U.S. Marines who were drowning puppies. There was a news story that surfaced in March about a You Tube video that featured a man who appeared to be a U.S. Marine throwing a puppy into a gully. But what does this event, although heinous; have to do with 9/11, which seems to be Mr. Jones’ focus?

And what is the point of disrupting a protest full of “Peace, Love, Justice”-chanting hippies to yell about obscure news events from months ago? Especially in such an inarticulate and base way. In my view, there is none.

Mr. Jones should start acting like an adult. And this from me, a teenager several decades his junior. Mrs. Malkin has just as much right as anyone to express her views on national television. Mr. Jones has that right too, but if he wants to be heeded and taken seriously, he really needs to work on his delivery and practice making his opinions intelligent discourse and not just an avalanche of petty insults.

Julia Cobb is an intern at the Fort Collins Now newspaper.

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