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DNC: First contact, no violence

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Vail CO, Colorado
Fort Collins Now staff photoFor about 30 minutes, riot-geared police faced off with a few hundred protesters on Stout Street in downtown Denver near the 16th Street Mall, shutting down a major intersection, disrupting Light Rail service and even the free mall shuttle during what was the first full-scale confrontation between law enforcement and self-styled anarchists.

DENVER, Colorado ” The showdown came after members of some members of the protest group Unconventional Denver decided to stage an impromptu march a few hours after a scheduled antiwar rally made its way peacefully and uneventfully from the state capitol building to the Pepsi Center.

Glenn Spagnuolo, spokesman for the umbrella protest group Recreate 68, said the march was meant to show the protesters had something to say.

“Some kids wanted to have some fun and show the police they could march on their own streets without a permit,” he said.

But threats of mass arrests passed along with threats of possible violence as most of the protesters dispersed throughout downtown.

Throughout the demonstration, spectators, delegates and dignitaries walked calmly up and down the 16th Street Mall, unhindered by a phalanx of police on bicycles and on horseback.

Spagnuolo said all went well, all things considered, though he added the police seemed disorganized.

“I thought they were incredibly restrained, to be honest with you,” he said.

Several other rallies and marches are scheduled throughout the week. Stay with http://www.dncnow.net for the latest.

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