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DNC protesters, public can use VIP lot at Invesco

DENVER, Colorado ” Protesters and anyone else who’s just curious will be able to gather in a VIP parking lot next to Invesco Field at Mile High on the closing day of the Democratic National Convention.

The city announced Monday that the designated 53,000-square-foot-area in parking lot J is within sight and sound of delegates arriving to hear Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. Previously the city had released a map of a parade route for protesters that would have kept them at the border of the stadium’s grounds. Protesters will use that route and then enter onto Invesco’s grounds to get to the demonstration zone.

In a written statement, mayor’s spokeswoman Sue Cobb said people in the demonstration zone are entitled under Denver law to use bullhorns to get their point across. In addition, the city will also provide a riser and a microphone attached to at least two speakers outside the area.

At the Pepsi Center, the site for the first three days of the convention, protesters may only demonstrate in a parking lot far from the entrance to the arena.

Protesters and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the city and the Secret Service over those arrangements. A federal judge is considering whether the plans need to be changed to accommodate their free speech rights.

A trial on the protest rules for Invesco Field is scheduled for Aug. 12.

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