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Do what you want to do

Cassie Pence

It was simply the sound of the guitar that led Brian Jordan at age 4 to beg his parents for one. Persistence paid off four years later when his parents finally believed he was serious.”It’s because I heard a lot of music with cool guitar playing. A lot of jazz like Wes Montgomery. A lot of pop stuff like the Beatles and the Stones and Hendrix. I just love the sound of the guitar and wanted to play it,” Jordan said.Jordan has built his reputation on being different and striking. He is a multi-intrumentalist versed in bass, drums and keyboard; however, Jordan prefers the guitar’s versatility. He can play almost any type of music on the guitar. Jordan is best known for his work with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. But slowly, he is making his own name appear in those large letters on venue marquees.

“Some people know me as myself,” Jordan said. “I’ve come across a lot of people that have been like, ‘Man, I can’t wait for you to break off and do your own thing.'”Wait no longer. The Brian Jordan Band formed about a month ago, but Jordan has been writing its music for several years now. Keyboardist John Brewer, Jordan and drummer John Staten form the trio. Jordan plays with Staten in Tiny Universe, and he met Brewer in New Orleans during Jazz Fest. Brewer was playing with Sam Kininger and was “smokin'” on the keys. When it was time for Jordan to form a band, he knew who he wanted.The Brian Jordan Band jams funk, soul and jazz. Some of their repertoire is similar to Tiny Universe, but the high-energy trio also experiments with drum and base, creating a completely different sound. Staten forms the beat and Jordan switches off between bass and guitar.”Tiny Universe plays groove music, but the type of groove music that I like is usually tied to hip-hop and really deep funky type grooves. So I get into that a little bit more,” Jordan said.Jordan writes the music, instrumental and some vocal tunes. His inspirations vary depending on his mood. Relationships, feelings and of course women are the influences sparking his creativity.

“There’s one song I wrote in particular called ‘Long Time No See.’ And that was just about a feeling I had about a certain person that I hadn’t seen in a long time. The situation was very romantic and it inspired a song,” Jordan said.The freedom that a solo project grants is why Jordan decided to branch off. The choice is his, Jordan said, to do what he wants to do, to experiment with what he wants to experiment with.Jordan’s solo project grants the audience at State Bridge Saturday with a groove to dance to. Show starts at 7 p.m.Slinky six stirng

Brian Jordan BandSaturday, 7 p.m.State Bridge Lodge in BondCassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555 ext. 618 or

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