Does my Vail Valley cat need a shrink? |

Does my Vail Valley cat need a shrink?

Nadine Lober
Vail, CO Colorado

Lately, I have been asked a lot of questions about the behavior of domestic cats.

Many of us treat our cats as members of the family. We feed them very well and give them lots of attention. I may even consider coming back as a cat in my next life if I could be treated as well as some of my kitty patients.

Cats are simple animals, they either like affection or not, and they know when they want it and will let you know. They also will let you know when they are hungry. We all know some cats that behave more like dogs and we all know some cats that behave like snobby, independent animals.

Cats usually own your home and get used to the normal daily routines.

Now what happens when a cat’s world is disrupted? Do you think that most cats ignore the change ” such as a divorce, vacation or new baby ” and go on with their daily routines?

Some cats ” very few ” are used to change. For instance, my cat moved from home to home with me as a college student and then to vet school with me. My cat would go on small trips with me all the time in the car and nothing seemed to bother him.

We also lived in California where the window was always open so that he could wander outdoors as often as he pleased. In Vail, most cats are strictly indoor cats, and because they spend all their time at home they have a hard time dealing with change.

Dogs seem to adapt better to changes than cats do. Dogs tend to go more places and are exposed to different things outside of the home. Cats can get mad and seek revenge on you ” they do not like the changes and will let you know.

They can manifest their disapproval in various ways, but the most common one is urinating in inappropriate places such as your bed, your shoes or anywhere that’s not a litterbox. Some cats hide while others become aggressive, and when matters get really out of hand, it is time to seek professional help.

The first person to contact is your veterinarian, but if the problem is really bad there is psychological treatment for cats. Cat “shrinks” are called animal behaviorists. Cats also sometimes benefit from anti-anxiety drugs.

Cats are very special animals and require special attention, that is all.

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