Dog spared death, gets job at prison |

Dog spared death, gets job at prison

CAMDEN, N.J. ” Ozzy has been spared the death penalty, with a sentence of life behind bars without chance of parole.

But instead of solitary confinement, the 7-year-old German shepherd could be allowed to hold a sort of jail trusty’s job.

Ozzy attacked a neighbor’s child in April and was sent to an animal shelter. A municipal judge ordered that the dog be put down.

However, Ozzy’s owner, Kelly Allard of Somerdale, arranged an option: Ozzy could have life behind bars, assigned to patrol the perimeter at the privately run George W. Hill Correctional Facility near Media, Pa.

He won’t be allowed any contact with the public or inmates.

Superior Court Judge John T. McNeill III agreed to the plan Monday, calling it “the right alternative.”

“He’ll be in there until he dies,” McNeill said. “Ozzy will not be adopted by a family. He will never be released to the public.”

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