Dog survives Breckenridge explosion, eight days in rubble |

Dog survives Breckenridge explosion, eight days in rubble

Ashley Dickson
Summit County Correspondent

BRECKENRIDGE, Colorado ” Sorting through the rubble that was once Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge was a grim process for owner Brian Holt on Sunday. That is, until he heard a whimper coming from underfoot.

“We turned off the radio and started calling out Lulu’s name. Then we heard some yelping,” said Brian Holt.

Lulu, the springer spaniel belonging to Good Times van driver Brian Mislanski, was in the building when it exploded on April 19, and even though rescue workers were able to extract Mislanski from the debris, Lulu remained missing for eight days.

“After 45 minutes of frantic digging, we found her laying in a crawl space under 15 feet of rubble,” said Holt. “She basically had a two-story building on top of her.”

Lulu emerged from the heap of crumbled building materials without a scratch on her. A little shaken, she stretched her legs and adjusted her eyes to the sunlight, ready to get some fresh food and water.

“It’s amazing, she was right under our feet the whole time” said Holt, who immediately took the dog to the Breckenridge Animal Clinic to be checked for injuries.

When Dr. Christine Murphy arrived at the clinic to meet Lulu, she did a double-take when she saw a relatively healthy looking springer spaniel waiting outside.

“When I first walked up, I didn’t think it was the right dog,” said Murphy. “Considering what she went through, she looked great and was in very good spirits.”

According to Murphy, Lulu suffered from mild dehydration and sustained some trauma to her left eye. Despite being trapped under a considerable amount of debris, Murphy believes Lulu was able to drink melting snow and find food amidst the remains of the building.

“Eight days is a long time ” she is definitely one tough cookie,” said Murphy.

Family and friends were elated to see Lulu unharmed and several friends even got permission from the hospital down in Denver to reunite her with her owner.

“There has been a guardian angel over both Brian and the dog, and now they are reunited,” said Holt.

According to Holt, Mislanski has been moved from the intensive care unit to his own hospital room and is doing very well this week.

The only person in the building at the time of the explosion, Mislanski was house sitting for the managers who live in the building’s upper apartment. Rescue workers found him up to his chest in debris and he was then immediately airlifted to Denver by a Flight for Life helicopter.

“We’re all really thankful that there was no fire after the explosion or the outcome wouldn’t have been so good,” said Holt.

Investigators are continuing to sort through rubble by hand this week to find any clues as to what caused the explosion. According to Holt, the investigation should be wrapped up soon; the next phase will be rebuildng.

“We just want to put our thanks out to the community and will be looking to rebuild as soon as we can,” said Holt.

Lulu is currently staying with friends around the county, anxiously awaiting her owner’s recovery and return home.

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