Dog wakes people to natural gas leak at 4 a.m. |

Dog wakes people to natural gas leak at 4 a.m.

Occupants of two rental units in a single-family home at American Way on Peak 7 may have been spared a tragedy thanks to a dog waking one of the families at 4 a.m.

The owners of the dog awoke to the smell of natural gas, grabbed their 6-month-old child and evacuated the house. They tried unsuccessfully to wake their neighbors.

When firefighters arrived, they awakened the other residents and found that a burner on a gas stove had been left on – leaking raw gas into the home.

The house was ventilated and the occupants returned inside.

“The occupants are very lucky that the dog woke them up,” RWB deputy chief Jay Nelson said in a press release. “With the amount of gas inside the house, it could definitely have had a very different outcome if a spark ignited that gas.”

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