Dogs run free in mountain town |

Dogs run free in mountain town

Allen BestVail, CO Colorado

FRASER, Colo. Dogs are still running free in Fraser, provided they are under the voice command of their owners.That theory has been challenged in the last couple of years. Several people say they are afraid to walk the streets of the town, for fear of an attack. In response, town trustees reviewed a law that would have mandated leashes.But in a 5-to-2 vote before a standing-room only crowd, the board rejected the proposed law. The dominant thinking was that a leash law would punish those people who have their dogs under voice control. To ensure enforcement, the town is considering hiring what used to be called a dogcatcher.This majority vote, says the Winter Park Manifest, did not set well with one of the trustees, Vesta Shapiro. How many years will it be before I can walk around this town safely, she said, and then swiveled her chair around, her back to fellow trustees.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. What do you do once youve become the first person in history to snowboard off the summit of the highest mountain on each of the seven continents?In the case of Stephen Koch, he became a professional speaker, returned to guiding and this year got his real estate license. Kochs career choice, says the Jackson Hole News&Guide, is part of a theme of professional athletes who have tirn to selling real estate. I do this so I can live here, says Rick Armstrong, once known as Sick Rick for his propensity for enormous cliff jumps while on skis. He appeared in both Warren Miller and Teton Gravity Research ski films.Armstrong tells the Jackson Hole News&Guides Michael Pearlman that the transition from athlete to agent has been more natural than many people would expect. As a professional athlete, he had to sell himself, and thats a skill that transfers well to wooing potential clients.

WHISTLER, B.C. Whistler Mayor Ken Melamed described a development project as a place of monster homes. At least one Whistlerite, John Konig, is offended. Construction workers are the highest paid employees in the region, Konig says, which allows them to live in Whistler and spend their money there. The purchasers of the homes, who are typically part-time residents, pay lots of money to people to maintain their homes.And furthermore, he says the homes are of higher quality design and construction. He wants to know: Whats not to like?

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