Doll says goodbye to dad, daughter |

Doll says goodbye to dad, daughter

While Frank and Imogene began their married life together, that first summer they lived at the cow camp while they built a home for themselves at Deep Creek. While the Deep Creek home was sufficient, Frank and Imogene wanted to live on the ranch in Gypsum, so after several years, Frank approached his father and asked him if he would give them some land on the ranch to build a house. Being a disagreeable sort from time to time, Frank senior was cranky and not about to part with any of his land. He turned Frank down flat and father and son began a heated argument over the matter.

The following morning, Frank continued the argument with his father. Again, his father remained steadfast with his refusal to consider his sons request. Getting into his car, Franks father slammed the car door and fish-tailed out of the driveway, heading for Kansas to meet friends there and engage in pheasant hunting.Frank watched his father drive way in an angry huff. He figured they would take up the argument when his dad returned, but a few days later, while Frank worked over near Castle Peak, building stock water ponds, a vehicle rattled up to their work sight and two of Franks friends got out of the car with heir heads hanging and their hands in their pockets.Frank took off his gloves and approached the men, a ping of worry starting in his chest. What brings you two out here?One of the men said, Frank, were here to tell you that your dad ran off Vail Pass this morning and crashed his car.Is he hurt? Frank asked, alarm bells now ringing in his head.Frank, hes dead.A few days later Frank senior was buried. With his father dead, Frank turned to his mother and finally was able to negotiate a piece of land from the Doll ranch to build himself and Imogene a house.

In the spring of 1950, Frank and his aunt were called to jury duty in Eagle. It was there that Frank was handed a telegram from the army to report to Fort Riley. Frank had been called up from the reserves.

He had a few months to prepare but in October, Frank arrived at Fort Riley. In November 1951 as part of the 109th FABN he left for Germany, accompanying the National Guard Battalion from Pennsylvania. By this time, Frank and Imogene had a daughter, Sharon. Imogene and Sharon joined Frank in April of 1952. This was a pleasant time for Frank and his young family. In May, his unit was deactivated and replaced by a like unit of the 5th Division. Frank and Imogene remained in Europe until 1954. During this time two daughters were born to Frank and Imogene, Carol and Kathy. Hard news came to Frank and Imogene when they learned their baby daughter, Carol, was born with a heart defect, and thus her medical condition precluded them from traveling a great deal. In the summer of 1954, they returned to Fort Collins, where Frank applied himself as and ROTC instructor at Colorado A&M, and Carol could be treated by American doctors. If you remember, Colorado A&M is where Frank started his miliary training some years earlier.In the spring of 1958, the doctors at Fitsimmons decided to do open heart surgery to correct Carols defect. The surgery was done in March. Although the surgery was successful, Carols little heart vessels could not tolerate the pressure from the corrected heart, and a month later in April, she head a heart attack and died. No parent should have to bury a child, but together Frank and Imogene buried their daughter and tried to get on with their life.E-mail comments about this story to

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