Don Rogers: At root, Facebook is a lot of fun (Vail Daily’s My View) |

Don Rogers: At root, Facebook is a lot of fun (Vail Daily’s My View)

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

I finally took the plunge, signed up a Facebook account for a column and maybe a clue or two about this “social networking” craze.

My Space never attracted me. Linked In, nah, although I do have an account there, too. Something called Plaxo keeps popping up in the e-mail, wanting attention.

No time. Twitter is the buzz now. And I’m still trying to find time to get my blog rolling. I’m wondering if that has drifted into “old school,” like Web sites and e-mail.

All these communication tools. The irony in this valley remains that the tool everyone here uses the most by far is the humble, maligned newspaper.

Never mind Twitter. If you want your message seen here, better get it to Town Talk.

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I love it.

But I love Facebook, too, I’m just beginning to realize.

I keep up with my college son in Durango in an entirely different way than the parental phone conversation. You parents know how that goes on both ends.

The funny thing is he hates Facebook, although he has an account that I suspect his girlfriend set up for him. I’m Facebook friends with her, and through her I get to see him through a little different lens.

My 80-something aunt is on Facebook now, too. Help her keep up with the family more efficiently. I suggested my son’s girlfriend as a friend. That might have been a Facebook faux paus.

“This old lady wants …” the girlfriend started. Oops.

The network started at Harvard and spread to college campuses first. But like so much else, the boomers have hijacked Facebook. It’s the best way to reconnect with college and high school classmates, I’m finding.

Lots of journalists, but so far I have not found a single buddy from the wildland firefighting days that were history before my 21-year-old son was born. Phone and reunions remain the way that group gets in touch.

There’s little time for Facebook, and I may go a couple of weeks between visits. But often, the automatic e-mail when someone writes on my wall pulls me in. That and the listing of friend comments have become quick little guilty pleasures.

For here and now, it’s all about the newspaper. For distance and time, Facebook is a useful bridge.

Don Rogers is the editor and publisher of the Vail Daily. He can be reached at 970-748-2920 or He welcomes your comments.

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