Don Rogers: Bunny or the egg? |

Don Rogers: Bunny or the egg?

Don Rogers
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –Something from nothing? Impossible! Yet here we are, living out our rather intricate lives.

Eve of Easter, my question is this: Where did God come from? What was here before the Big Bang?

And which is more irrational, earnest belief in the Good Book or that there can be nothing more than what we see and touch?

Seems to me that the atheist has at least as big a leap of faith to believe what he believes as the observant Christian and Jew does.

That “something from nothing” business kind of puts us all on equal footing. Any faith we choose makes no sense in the face of the paradox of existence.

I’m laid bare looking at Orion on a coldly clear night. And warmly comforted beside the campfire. At the same time.

How many universes? How big, exactly, is this one?

And I’m worried about the mortgage?

Easter, I think, is a layer. The overt celebration is Christian, of course. But there are plenty of pagan undertones.

Scrape away modernity and it’s reasonably clear that our religions evolve. I suppose the two words together constitute sacrilege.

The symbolism of spring, the timing of the rebirth, the religious rituals that preceded Christianity – it’s all a bit convenient, don’t you think?

We humans, we’re all about organizing stories. They don’t even have to technically be accurate. Sometimes they are more true for the creative license we take in forming them. It’s the greater message that matters most. Sometimes. The greatest ones pass through generations and maybe, at some point, are written down.

I traffic in words and yet scoff at the notion that the Bible instead of the Koran or Talmud or Veda is word for word from God himself, apparent mistakes in translations fully intentional.

And I believe – quite earnestly – that all our words and works are divinely inspired. Verily.

How could that be? Other than I’m irrational, deal with it?

Something from nothing – that’s as irrational as it gets, and it’s also simply the truth.

So against all evidence, I believe in a creator as all-knowing and personally invested in each of us. Silly stuff, but no sillier than what you believe, frankly.

What does make sense to me is that this is all about lessons. Here we all have something in common, Steve Jobs to lost tribe in the Amazon. To what end we learn our lessons I would never presume to declare.

I have enough trouble with what preceded the Big Bang, who begat God, how in the very beginning something came from nothing.

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