Don Rogers: GOP heads to implosion |

Don Rogers: GOP heads to implosion

Don Rogers
Vail, CO Colorado

The “post-partisan” era in politics lies just around the bend.

Yes, this is a strange prediction right into the teeth of all that gnashing over health care reform and when a president telling kids to study hard and take their education seriously is seen as “indoctrination” by a few who have taken partisanship to new lows. But the Republicans as led by Rush Limbaugh are huffing on the wrong side of too many issues now, all that hot air clearing out the party’s hopes for the “big tent” they’ll need to win enough elections to return to power.

Besides, the memory is too fresh of the Republicans metastasizing the growth in government instead of shrinking it, smugly mocking environ-mental con-cerns the way Big Tobacco pooh-poohed the building sci-entific evi-dence of smoking’s health risks, and running the party a bit too much like an old-school country club.

If the Democrats weren’t so daffy in their own ways, I would have changed my registration awhile back. Alas, Pelosi is as ridiculous as Palin. Both are walking, talking caricatures of their parties’ worst qualities.

The Republicans are overplaying their hand in the health care debate as they sense sticking with the cur-rent system is their ticket back to power.

They aren’t just hollering in favor of a system that obviously sucks – they have vented all their anger at getting whupped at the polls last November. At this rate, they’ll have blown them-selves out before 2010’s elections.

Limbaugh et al have grown increasingly shrill as they cull their party to the core. They’ll blow their candle out with all that huffing.

They don’t have to do this. They have a great opportunity to return to being the party of reason. And reason would dictate that they need to quit fuming quite so frothily and illogical-ly. They need to grow their appeal to independents and find ways where they can agree with one another on Republican principles and end the RINO nonsense, and they need to do what they say they stand for.

The GOP didn’t limit government while in power. They gave it sugar. Now they’re whining about “big gov-ernment”? Please.

Maybe they need to reach ashes before their Phoenix can emerge.

I’d like to see the party of “No!” and ” Ignore the evidence” become the one that offers logical solutions that work.

Instead, it’s all heat building toward implosion. Partisans will still spew so much hot air. But it won’t light a campfire, lacking substance.

Maybe then the party can rebuild as the Democrats overplay their hand, as parties in power always do.

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