Don Rogers: There’s a blessing or two to count in Eagle County |

Don Rogers: There’s a blessing or two to count in Eagle County

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

The mountain town editors were discussing, via e-mail, the doom and gloom.

It’s real, and we share with our communities the rises and the dips in the economy. Right now, business bites for pretty much everyone.

Still. Maybe it’s the Thanksgiving spirit, families gathering together, our ski mountains opening, the Plymouth legend itself. Those folks had it a lot harder than we do now, and still, they found a moment to take stock of their good fortune.

So a little perspective might not be so flippant. Business in general down 5, 10, 15 or even 20 percent means 80 to 95 percent of our customers are still buying. And we’re coming off a five-, six-year run of a boom. Surely we didn’t think the economic tide could only rise.

Adjusting to this tidal change is no fun. Knowing it’s part of a cycle, as immutable as gravity, makes it no easier.

Still. There’s an awful lot to be grateful for here. This came to light for me in a dark moment when I challenged myself to flip thinking about everything gone sour with the blessings we can genuinely still count.

Let’s start with our nation’s peaceful transfer of power, something we’ve come to take for granted, like how we once looked at space travel.

That trickles through to our ability in the Vail Valley to share conflicting views without a fistfight. Well, for the most part, we’re a very peaceful, if opinionated, community.

I’m thankful for that. The commentary page, along with my e-mails and phone calls, are all the more lively for this. Other blessings to count:

– Our emergency services ” hospital, ambulance, mountain rescue, ski patrol, police and fire ” are all first-rate.

– The 100 or so community service groups in the valley alone, all dedicated to selfless service to others.

– The ski hills are run by the top company in its field by far. It’s not even close. Vail Resorts, while of course far from perfect, is in the best shape of all its peers. We’re fortunate in key ways many other ski towns are not.

– Don’t forget the interesting, sometimes eccentric, thoughtful, good-hearted and fun-loving people who make up the bulk of this community. Trust me, this is special.

In my own family, the kids have turned out well (so far!), we live in a great place even if the house is falling apart faster than we can fix it up, and there’s a lot more love in the mix than this grumpy old guy deserves. Just ask my wife. I see her nodding, bless her.

I’m sure your blessings exceed the woes, the doom, the gloom, too. Start a list. You’ll soon see.

Don Rogers is the editor of the Vail Daily. He can be reached at 970-748-2920 or by e-mail at

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