Don Rogers: Too much pomp for somber circumstances |

Don Rogers: Too much pomp for somber circumstances

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

I wish presidents could elope.

The inauguration was not history, just a big, big party. How many tens of millions did that day cost? The Associated Press pegs it as high as $150 million.

$150 million for essentially a hand on a Bible and a promise that may or may not be kept.

Electing our first African-American president ” now that was history. The hoopla and even the “So help me, God,” that was something else.

“Spectacle” comes to mind.

I realize I’m all bah humbug about this, but I see money burned up for … what? I see it squandered. Wasted.

The toughest times in a millennia, nd we’re blowing $150 million on what could be, should be, a simple swearing-in?

So help me, God.

Can’t say I’m impressed.

I don’t care about the ethics of keeping lobbyists out of the contributions to the inaugural ceremonies. I don’t care about the diligence of the Obama team to keep everything up-and-up, clean and all that.

Why do we have to have this ridiculously, stupendously, completely wasteful extravagance at all?

It’s crazy. I haven’t heard a hint of irony in the fawning, the sonorous intonations of “change,” our new day, attacking the recession while spending how many good jobs on a … party?

Look, I voted for the guy, and for good reason. But what’s the inaugural equivalent of eloping? Why can’t this simply be one hand up, palm facing the justice, an “I will” and get on with it?

The pomp is wrong. The expense, frankly, is sinful. Think of where $150 million could go. Sure, it’s a drop among the trillions that Washington, D.C., counts by. Still, that’s a lot of stomachs that could be a little less hungry, scholarships or loans for college or a third of Colorado’s shortfall.

I don’t like the spending. I don’t like the message. I don’t like Obama failing to rein it in a little. It’s all much too much.

I expect better. I want the president to be a humble servant to America, not royalty. I expect less pomp and more common-touch, sleeves-rolled-up action, considering the circumstances.

We’re laying off good people ” friends in too many cases ” to keep our enterprises solvent. And Washington is throwing a giant party?

So help me, God, I’m not filled with pride. That was election night, when history actually was made.

Right now, I’m just angry.

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