Donald Trump would “probably” support legalizing Colorado’s marijuana industry

President’s comments Friday signal a boost for measure that would open Colorado cannabis industry to banking and force Washington to respect the state’s pot laws

Mark K. Matthews
The Denver Post

WASHINGTON — A bill that would protect state marijuana laws from federal interference received a major plug on Friday when President Donald Trump said he likely would back the measure — introduced a day earlier by U.S. Sens. Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren.

“(I) probably will end up supporting” it, Trump told reporters during a 20-minute exchange with reporters at the White House, according to pool reports.

In the U.S., 46 states and several territories have legalized marijuana in some fashion but the drug remains illegal under federal law. The bill by Gardner, R-Colo., and Warren, D-Mass., would force Washington to respect state laws on pot, from medical applications to recreational use.

Because marijuana is illegal at the federal level, cannabis companies face a number of financial obstacles — the biggest being their inability to use banks or bank services. The Gardner-Warren bill would lift that restriction.

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