Donna Spinelli: Fear of an Obama presidency |

Donna Spinelli: Fear of an Obama presidency

I was part of the generation that protested Vietnam, ridiculed Nixon over Watergate, admired Woodward and Bernstein for their exposes, loved Robert Redford in “All the President’s Men,” and maybe even inhaled a little bit. I admired John F. Kennedy. I was an independent in the last election and campaigned for John Kerry. In the last four years I have seen what was a moderate Democratic party turn into a different animal.

I started noticing the extreme left-wing socialism trend with our local county commissioners, especially Arn Menconi. I found it very disturbing that not only did Arn think that he knew what we needed, he did not think it was necessary to ever ask for our vote to give it to us. And, even when he did ask for our vote, he felt he had to ask for it multiple times on the same issue, because we must not have meant it when we said we didn’t want home rule. Apparently he thinks just getting elected was permission enough. I have heard Sara Fisher recently express similar sentiments.

I became an active Republican when I learned that the core values of the Republican Party are fiscal conservatism and smaller government. I am genuinely concerned that the Democratic candidate for president, Barack Obama, is an extreme left-wing activist in expensive tailoring with East Coast elitist manners. He is an expert at telling people what they want to hear, at making them feel good. He looks presidential. He is charismatic and magnetic. Talk is cheap. His actual record and his political associations tell a different story.

I see people accusing the Republicans of conducting a smear campaign. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for 20 years, is an anti-white racist with ties to Quaddafi and Louis Farrakhan. Have you seen the clips of Reverend Wright on TV? He looks like a raving lunatic. This was his religious mentor for 20 years. Doesn’t that tell you something? Yet when I ask my Obama supporting friends if they find this disturbing, they get that glaze of denial in their eyes and say things like, “Maybe he wasn’t listening,” or “that’s old news” or “there’s dirt on everyone.”

Reverend Wright denounced America the day after Sept. 11. It took another seven years for Obama to distance himself from him, and it was under pressure from Hillary Clinton during the primary. If McCain had ties to a radical activist like this on the right, the press would be all over him, relentlessly, as they are on Sarah Palin for her religious views.

The association of Barack Obama with the terrorist Bill Ayers is real. He had his political coming out party at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. Now, one might say that their radical subversive terrorist acts took place over 35 years ago. And they are right. But Ayers does not apologize for his actions even today, and has stated that he is not sorry for what he did, in fact he feels that “they did not do enough.”

Then there is the ACORN voter registration scandal. Thousands of fraudulent voter registrations that we know of. Convictions in 11 states. This will be the one that breaks Obama, because it has tainted the integrity of the election, and it will never get out of court. Where is the press in the reporting of this?

If all of that doesn’t concern you, then consider that Obama has clearly stated that his intention is to take from the rich and give to the poor. That is the definition of socialism and it has never worked in any country in the world. It stifles growth. It stagnates the economy. Every country that has adopted socialism has gone back to democracy and capitalism.

These are facts, not political rhetoric, marketing hype, or political theater. I’m not going to tell you that John McCain is perfect. But probably his biggest failing is that he is not as beautiful a marketing package as Barack Obama. In this country where the marketing industry has trained us to “buy” from 30-second commercials, John McCain isn’t glamorous. We are not buying mascara, however, we are electing a president. John McCain loves this country and has its best interests at heart. I cannot say the same for Barack Obama. I do not trust his not-so-hidden agenda of nonviolent extremism.

I fear for this country and what might happen if this “community organizer ” is elected. It seems that the red mist of blind adulation has descended on the nation’s eyes as they desperately seek a solution called “change” in the form of Barack Obama.

Donna Spinelli is an Eagle resident. E-mail comments to

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