Donna Spinelli: Voters polarized in Eagle County and elsewhere |

Donna Spinelli: Voters polarized in Eagle County and elsewhere

Donna Spinelli
Eagle CO Colorado

Well it’s certainly been interesting to have my 15 minutes of fame in the Vail Daily. I have received every reaction imaginable, some positive, some negative, zero neutral. Apparently I set some kind of record for online comments, beaten only by Palin’s selection as VP.

But no matter what you think of either candidate, the fact remains that the country is terribly polarized. No matter who wins, there will be a lot of unhappy people. Scared people. Angry people. How are we going to heal the country and come become united again in support of either president? I don’t see a great way for that to happen. The polemic dialogue is toxic.

I realize now if I had written my article in the Vail Daily just about the economic policies, I would have reached more of the middle. The left hates to hear about the radical associates. The right doesn’t understand why the left trivializes it. The middle is just irritated with the whole thing and wants to hear about solutions.

Conservatives are terrified of what redistribution of wealth under Obama really means. And it does remain to be seen. Making $250,000 a year is too low a barrier to raise the taxes.

I don’t get copies of the U.S. budget, but I have reviewed Eagle County’s budget, and they spend an excessive amount of money on frivolous items. Menconi, Runyon, Fisher, and now Stavney continue to trivialize these expenditures by saying things like, “That expenditure only cost you $10 a month.” $120 buys me two tanks of gas these days, I need that $120.

I see local government expanding its powers; e.g., with the housing authority. Deciding what we need. I believe government should be representative. I don’t think we have representative government in Eagle County today.

I am concerned that with Obama we will see big government, big taxes and big spending on a national level. Government should be more decentralized. It’s the only way we can really get it to be representative. How can one man represent the whole country?

Re Acorn-Ayers-Obama I have read The Wall Street Journal documenting that with a money trail. I don’t really care whether there is an association, but for me the concern is that Obama might have a radical agenda because of his associations. It appears to us that his redistribution of wealth plan had its genesis in the radical agenda. If we were seeing a platform that wasn’t so radical, I don’t think anyone would pay attention to the rumors-fact-gossip of the radical associations.

The media does not help any of this. They inflame it. Polls are destructive influences on the election and they should be eliminated. Political campaign advertising should be eliminated. It’s expensive, divisive, negative and most of all it’s boring! It would have been far better to have all that money donated to a charity, not the charity of the advertising and television industry.

So, how can we come together happily on Nov. 4? What do you think?

Donna Spinelli


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