Donovan decries putting Vail cops on I-70 |

Donovan decries putting Vail cops on I-70

Stephen Lloyd Wood
Diana Donovan

“I hate it when they put me in that position,” says Donovan, who more often than not is the sole dissenting voice. “But I wrestled with this.”

Donovan says she’s all for the memorandum of understanding with the Colorado Motor Carriers Association – except for its putting Vail police officers on the interstate to enforce the speed limit.

“The kind of cop we want working in town is not the kind of cop who’s going to survive on the interstate,” she says. “Everybody knows I-70 is a major drug corridor, and out there they stand a good chance of getting shot by traffickers. It’s not a perceived risk; it’s real.”

Donovan says it’s the Colorado State Patrol’s duty to enforce the speed limit on the interstate, and it’s taxpayers who pay for the Port Authority to make sure trucks are using proper mufflers. An extra $46,000 for Vail law enforcement, she adds, is really about the chief wanting another officer on staff.

“The Vail Police Department just seems to want to add another policeman to the force – but not for the benefit of Vail,” she says.

For the record, Donovan adds, she has been disappointed with the whole process of drafting Ordinance 28 in the first place.

“I’m for solutions and against grandstanding,” she says, referring to at least one of her colleague’s behavior since the issue boiled to the surface in September. “That’s what this has been all about until now.”

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