Don’t blame the band |

Don’t blame the band

Mike Atencio, 17 Minturn

“What if you were living yours instead of hating mine?” ” Kottonmouth Kings

I couldn’t agree more with Brad Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings, I feel that many people see the name Kottonmouth Kings and say “oh, just a stoner band.” I would strongly disagree that Vail made a bad decision with bringing them to our valley. You could have gotten a “cleaner” band and to tell you the truth, people are still going to party. That’s just how it is. Not to mention, this is music! If you don’t like what’s playing don’t pay for it. Plain and simple.

And the kids and young adults here who are KMK fans are going to listen to them. They will be heard for what they believe in because well … its America! If the Kottonmouth Kings were to ever return they would definitely have my support along with all their fans here. Kottonmouth Kings keep on doing what you guys do, Looking forward to the Green Album!

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