Don’t change Eagle |

Don’t change Eagle

Michael Hoy
Eagle, CO, Colorado

When I was contemplating my move from Steamboat Springs to this valley in 1989, I starting looking for a place to live. I went to Eagle-Vail, Avon and Edwards-Homestead area and was astonished to find there were no towns, per se, and no Main Streets anywhere in sight. I had lived for 13 years in a real town and now was looking for another one.

As a child, I grew up in the small town of Catskill, N.Y. It was a very charming town. As kids, my brothers, sister and cousins had everything we needed on Main Street. During our teens, developments of large box stores and strip malls were built on the outskirts of town. In just a few short years, the lovely storefronts on Main Street had shut down, and the town felt like it was slowly being destroyed.

When I pulled into Eagle almost 18 years ago I felt like I found my “Main Street” again, and it’s called Broadway. The moment I first walked down Broadway, I knew I would live in Eagle. On Broadway, I could go to the pharmacy (which has nearly everything), the bank, the barber, the bookstore and even have a beer at the local saloon. I’ve felt that I moved back to my roots.

Now I feel that some out-of-state developer wants to upend my roots and destroy my new hometown. Make no mistake, this development will destroy the charming character and feel of Eagle, along with all the cute storefronts.

Like many other residents of Eagle, I commute upvalley to work. One of the highlights of each day is the drive along the river on U.S. Highway 6 back home. It is a comforting feeling, looking west as the valley floor opens up to an awe-inspiring view. The thought of losing that view to some new, oversized development with pavement, parking lots and a new interchange makes me sick to my stomach.

With the national economy in a tailspin, this is the wrong time and especially the wrong place for this monstrosity of a development. There are too many empty storefronts outside of Costco, and we’ll end up with the same empty, ugly storefronts and parking lots where elk once roamed

And we’ll lose our hometown of Eagle, just like my brothers, sister and cousins lost Catskill.

I call upon Eagle’s Town Board to follow the Planning and Zoning Board’s recommendation not to approve this project and to look at alternative, creative ways to fund the town coffers. Don’t destroy Eagle.

Michael Hoy


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