Don’t count on a flood |

Don’t count on a flood

Don Rogers

At least some folks are concerned about the next election for the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District’s board, scheduled for May 2.Much of the district’s work providing water and wastewater treatment services for most of the Vail Valley is pretty arcane. About as interesting as those cliches about paint drying and grass growing. Maybe not quite that fascinating.But water is elemental, and essential – not to mention downright precious in this semi-arid community. That makes the politics surrounding this resource contentious, and the decisions about how our water is used all the more important.Some observers, fearing developers’ interests trumping conservation and the like, fret about who might run for those five out of seven seats up for election. Without a lot of publicity, what kind of election will there be, they worry.Certainly, we share that concern. But this is not an era blessed with many people willing to shoulder the heavy loads that come with serving on governmental boards.The school board, certainly higher profile and arguably as crucial as any, has to cancel more board elections than it holds. The town of Gypsum comes to mind as another vital body that can’t inspire enough candidacies to hold elections.So publicity or not, it might be a stretch to see a stampede for those seats on the water board.If you are interested, bless you. Candidate petitions are due Feb. 24. Vail, Colorado

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