Dont discount importance of trust in business |

Dont discount importance of trust in business

The story goes something like this:Fire, Water, and Trust decided to go on a hike. As any good hikers would do, before they departed, they decided to make a plan in case they became separated. Fire was the first to speak, and he said, It will be easy to find me should I get lost. Just look for smoke, and wherever you see smoke, you will find fire. Water spoke up next, and she said, If I get separated from the group, just look for green grass and flowers, and where you find them, you will also find me. Well, said Trust, you better both keep an eye on me because when Trust is lost, it is not easily found again! Trust is so important in every relationship husband and wife, parent and child, friend to friend, and business and customer. Research tells us there are five primary reasons that people choose not to make a purchasing decision or choose not to buy in or get involved in a project. In reverse order, they are: No want. No need. No time. No money.And the No. 1 reason is no trust.Buyers do not trust the person, the product or the company enough to make a commitment to buy or get involved. Since trust is so important, how do we establish and maintain it?Its not complicated, folks. Actually, its quite simple. In personal relationships and in business, the first step is just being there. Being there for a friend or family member in need, and being there when a customer has a question or a return or wants to purchase our goods or services, will go a long way toward that first step. Showing up is half the battle. You can also turn trust into an acronym:T Think about others and what you can do to help or add value in every situation.R Relate to those around you, what they are going through, and establish rapport.U Uncover their needs by asking relevant and sincere questions.S Share ideas and solutions that are focused on the other person.T Take action and follow up on what you say you will do.Honesty, integrity and character also play an important role in establishing and building trust. Research also tells us that people respond better to communication regardless of whether the information is good news or bad news. They would prefer that information is delivered and communicated honestly so that they can make an informed decision. If people know you are a person or a business that operates with integrity and that you have the character to communicate bad or difficult news, they will be absolutely convinced that they can count on you to deliver on promises and commitments in other areas as well. It is also a fact that consumers buy for their reasons, not for yours. Purchasing decisions are also typically based on emotion and not based on logic. Establish trust, and you will win both the emotional and logical battle. The Vail Chamber & Business Association has a new strategic direction, and we are working hard to earn the trust of the community. Our commitment to our member partners is more than just the merchant pass our commitment to you is advocacy and communication first, followed by cooperative efforts to bring economic-development opportunities to town. To join the Vail Chamber & Business Association or to renew your membership, contact us at or call us at 970-477-0075. If you have comments on my articles, contact us. I have really enjoyed the feedback and interaction with those who have reached out. With an attitude of gratitude, we thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you in the future! Michael Norton is the executive director of the Vail Chamber & Business Association.

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