Don’t fear Obama |

Don’t fear Obama

Ms. Spinellis’ commentary, “Fear of an Obama presidency,” struck me as more of the same kind of fear-based rhetoric that conservatives have been using to keep American’s from focusing on the real issues that should guide their decision come November 4.

Ms. Spinelli uses well over a thousand words to try and persuade us not to support Obama/Biden and the best she can come up with is 1) The pastor of the church Obama attended in Chicago is a lunatic so therefore Obama is dangerous. Be afraid! 2) Obama had an association with a man who was a member of the notorious Weatherman organization over 35 years ago. Therefore Obama is dangerous. Be afraid! (oh by the way, Bill Ayers is now a very well respected member of the Chicago community, a civic leader, and fully endorsed by Mayor Daly.) 3) An “alleged” voter registration scandal from an entity that is not affiliated with the Obama campaign that at worst will result in the nullifying of an immaterial amount of registrations. Obama is a cheater. Be afraid! (I find this one particularly laughable given the completely underhanded and illegal tactics undertaken by the Republicans in the 2000 and 2004 elections. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!)

Lastly, she argues the newest conservative fear mantra, that Obama will send us marching down the path to (gasp!) socialism with his crazy economic policies that will redistribute wealth back towards the middle class and away from the top 2 percent. This has been the cornerstone of the failed supply side economic policies of the Republicans. Obama is a socialist. Be afraid!

What Americans really need to fear is a man that has changed his position on almost every major issue to conform with the conservative base and improve his chances of being elected. A man who nominates for vice president perhaps the most underqualified person ever to be positioned as second in command in perhaps the most challenging and complex times our nation has ever faced. A man who is now desperately resorting to ugly, personal attacks on his adversary that he himself condemned so strongly when he was the subject of those attacks by the Bush political machine.

Do not be afraid, people. Now, more than ever before American government needs fresh, modern, internationalist thinking that embraces change and works with the world community to repair the image of our country so thoroughly diminished these last eight years. That isolates and corners those who would do us harm by building stronger relationships with those countries that want to work with us to promote peace, democracy, and human rights. Who works toward putting education, affordable health care, energy independence rather than more oil, and equal opportunity as the highest priorities domestically.

Do not be afraid. Change is good!

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