Don’t feed me |

Don’t feed me

Troopi lives in Eagle Ranch and has a doppelganger quadruped friend. This friend has come through our catflap and hung out, had food and socialized. We are afraid Troopi is doing the same with his friend and that cat's humans are kindly giving Troopi milk. The problem is Troopi is lactose intolerant and has regurgitated milk on our carpet, pillow cases and probably yet-to-be-discovered areas in the house. Please do not give this cat dairy. Thank you.


Vail Mountain School class of 2019 off to chase the impossible

May 24, 2019

The graduates of Vail Mountain School’s class of 2019 will be off to far-flung destinations next fall, set to enter college in one of 16 different states or explore the world on a gap year. One grad is even attending college in Canada.

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