Don’t knock the ‘Thunder’ |

Don’t knock the ‘Thunder’

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Our review panning “Tropic Thunder” was equally criticized by several readers who commented on the week. The review ran in the the Thursday, Aug. 21 edition of the Vail Daily and began like this: “One humorless joke never touched upon in “Tropic Thunder” is how, if this were a real film, delivered to real critics who appreciate real comedy, every single one of the stars in it would be out of work afterward.”

Nevertheless, the satirical movie about a group of egotistical actors who find themselves in a real-life war zone while trying to film a war movie has topped the box office in recent weekends.

If the comments we’ve received since the review ran are any indication, ours was the minority view.

Maybe you’re writing this article just to spark conversation, but isn’t the movie industry for the public and isn’t it for the public to decide what is good or bad? Obviously, the public has spoken based on the opening weekend numbers, and clearly they continue to speak based on last weekend’s numbers. So, while YOU may not have a sense of humor or you’re just upset that Ben has made a hit … don’t ruin it for those who haven’t had their funnybone removed.


I saw this movie and thought it was funny as hell. I have no problem recommending it to friends, either. I’m sure it will make millions. Maybe we are all stupid and the reviewer is the only smart one.

I have a question for Ms. Farnell: How many movies have you written? Or directed? Or do you mostly just talk (write) down to people?


Wow, this is a tasteless review. How dare you even say that Robert Downey Jr. is “lucky” to have received the “Iron Man” review. He is a talented, courageous actor who deserves any role available. The funniest thing about “Tropic Thunder” is how people take it so seriously, when all in all, it’s meant to be satirical. I wasn’t thrown off by inside jokes.

In a world of lame and cheesy romantic comedies, “Tropic Thunder” is fresh and full of surprises. I’m sorry you didn’t see that. Maybe you should just stick to movies that take no brain cells to figure out, like “Pineapple Express” or Disney flicks.


Thank you, Shauna. This is the first negative review of Tropic Thunder I have found. I had high, high hopes for this movie, but it was all I could do not to walk out of the theater. … it stunk.


This review is hilarious! Shauna Farnell is so out of touch. I don’t think “A lot of people appear to have missed that one.” Maybe the problem is with you, not the movie.

And by the way, Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most talented actors in hollywood. Get a clue!


If we had to watch only the movies the “critics” approved of, the world would be a dull place, indeed. Seems to me the only valid critics are the ones opening their wallets at the theaters.


Way to have it all fly over your head …


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