Don’t let real world intrude |

Don’t let real world intrude

Don Rogers

A couple of signs of the Apocalypse: The tizzy over a college professor’s essentially silly essay about 9/11, and Howard Dean becoming the front runner to lead the Democratic National Committee.It’s not often that campus intrigues make headlines, in that it’s not often that campus intrigues have a thing to do with real life. And let’s be clear: The protest at a little New York college at the thought of University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Wade Churchill speaking there isn’t one of those glimpses of real life.Seems he wrote some thoroughly ham-handed essay expressing the point of view that the victims of the Twin Towers were part of the Empire, at least in the view of the terrorists who flew those planes into them. Sure, he should have treated America’s raw emotional wounds with more respect. But he’s a college professor. What would he know about the real world beyond his Boulder campus?The fuming that has accompanied his planned visit to tiny Hamilton College is even sillier. So of course the politicians had to jump in with more silly comments. College professors live in a bubble of silliness. Let them be. Their incubators of thought require flights of fancy to plow the ground for original thought that actually leads somewhere. This is the true purpose of tenure.As far as He of the Scream leading the Democratic charge in the all too sadly silly world of politics, well, that’s just happy, happy news for the true red meat Republicans. This is just too good to be true. Howard Dean, king of the Northeastern class of liberal lemmings, as head of the party? This is almost as rich as getting a certain CU professor in the seat. Might as well just paint the rest of the country bright red. Vail, ColoradoVail, Colorado

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