Don’t let the size fool you |

Don’t let the size fool you

Don Rogers

This is not to belittle in any way. But Colorado Mountain College’s Edwards campus provides upper education in miniature.The campus is a snowflake shaker of a town, a ship in a bottle, a Matchbox alternative for kids not quite ready to leave the valley and continuing education opportunity for residents who like to keep learning.The author learned a bit more about this little community while taking a quick tour Monday during the college’s open house. The guide was great, the information interesting, the paint and all still fresh, the new-building smell yet lingering two years after the Edwards campus began offering classes.The campus sits about center in a district that runs from Steamboat south beyond Leadville, east to Breckenridge and west to Rifle. That pretty much covers the central mountain towns, about 12,000 square miles anyway, according to the catalogue.Students variy from immigrants who recognize the single best ticket to future success – learning English – to people who transfer to four-year schools, including Stanford. High school kids can get a leg up on their college work through CMC. All in all, the school is a good deal for Eagle County, and perhaps more so with the visibility a real campus, however dimunitive, affords. Vail, Colorado

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