Don’t pre-judge Couric |

Don’t pre-judge Couric

Alex Miller

I know as much about Katie Couric as I do about mahjongg, but I do take umbrage at the disparaging tones used to describe her leap from the Today Show (which I’ve seen about 10 minutes of in my life) to CBS News (20 minutes, maybe).

The gist of the criticism is that Couric is a lightweight who can’t possibly fill the shoes once inhabited by the likes of Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite. It’s sexist, for one thing, as if an attractive woman couldn’t possibly possess enough gravitas to present serious news. It’s also based on the fallacy that those engaged in feature-oriented journalism can’t do hard news.

The reality is that, if Couric is as good at presenting features as her enormous salary would imply, chances are she can take those same skills and bring them to the big show of the network nightly broadcast. The skill set is essentially the same, with the common denominator being a sense of story, compassion for the human subjects and the ability to have a number of plates spinning at the same time.

I don’t know or care if Katie Couric does well at CBS News, but for those of you out there who like to watch this kind of thing, I’d only say give her a chance ” blonde bob and all.

Then pick up a copy of a good magazine, like The New Yorker, for the perspective that broadcast news just can’t provide.

Vail, Colorado

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