Don’t take him lightly |

Don’t take him lightly

Don Rogers

Michael Cacioppo is a big pain in the …

If you serve in one of the local government entities, you know this, perhaps from personal and quite painful experience. And that’s before the taxpayer advocate and publisher of Speakout gets riled up enough to sue.

He irks, he interrupts, he is incessant if he thinks he’s on to something.

We’ve watched from this vantage for years now, sometimes with the rapt attention of a NASCAR or hockey fan sensing blood. Sometimes with wide-eyed amazement at his positions and arrangements of various deductions he makes in print. And occasionally with blood in our eye at this staff missing something we shoulda had that Mike got, and got right.

No. 1 lesson from our observations: Do not, under any circumstances, underestimate this guy. State troopers, school district officials, town councils and perhaps even a judge or two has learned that one the hard way.

Cacioppo’s e-mail war with the school district is the latest example of officials apparently driven mad because they felt so determined that this guy wasn’t going to get one up on them. Well, that’s just exactly when he does just that.

So the district spends $37,000-plus in an effort to save a $1,700 bill to find deleted e-mails related to his allegations of a district-led boycott of his weekly paper. In England, that would make for the very definition of pennywise and pound foolish. Here, it’s just dumb.

Never mind the stupidity of a staffer or two entertaining the idea of such a notion and exploiting the district’s communication systems. Alas, the administration compounded the nonsense in waging the court battle that ensued. Doubt that? Ask the judge. D.R.

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