Donuts destroy Eagle lot |

Donuts destroy Eagle lot

EAGLE, Colorado ” Wednesday night, Clark Shivley’s to-do list included a check mark next to an item tagged “grade the west parking area at the Eagle County Fairgrounds.”

By Thursday morning, he had to return that job to the unfinished list. Shivley, operations and maintenance manager for Eagle County Facilities Management, says thrill seekers discovered the freshly graded area immediately after it was finished and proceeded to spin donuts in the lot.

Unfortunately, the county has a recurring problem with the lot getting torn up just as soon as it’s graded.

“It’s been pretty consistent for the past couple of years. Once we get done with the grading, someone comes out and does that,” said a frustrated Shivley. “Then we are spending more money ” taxpayers dollars ” to rectify these things going on.”

Shivley estimates the county spent $8,000 to $10,000 on the grading project, which will now have to be re-done.

He’d like to find the culprits responsible for this week’s vandalism. Anyone with information can call Eagle County Facilities Management at 328-8880. Shivley said the county can offer fair and rodeo tickets to in exchange for useful information.

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