Doors opening for Flux5 |

Doors opening for Flux5

Cassie Pence

WEST VAIL – Local funk band Flux5 has played for all kinds of crowds. Dinner crowds. Crowds leftover from happy hour. Backs-to-the-stage crowds. But none compares to playing for a crowd with a hankering for the saxophone.Thursday night Flux5, whose sound is centered around Dave Laub’s sax, opened for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe at Levelz in Steamboat. They warm the audience for Karl D again Wednesday at Sherpa and Yeti’s in Breckenridge and play a solo show tonight at Bagali’s in West Vail. The opening gig is sure to crack open other opportunities for the band.”It was definitely the coolest musical situation I have been in awhile. The biggest thing was to play in front of a crowd with an appreciation of the saxophone. People were going to hear Karl Denson’s music, but people who like that kind of music also appreciate what we play,” said Laub, who also teaches music at Vail Mountain School.

Flux5 is a dance-oriented funk band. They play old standard funk tunes, originals and jazz standards with a funk twist. It’s a high-energy show, and they also feature vocalist Jenny Wagoner.Members Laub, Andy Schmidt (keys), Matt Cheek (guitar), Steve Somek (bass) and Dave Nichols (drums) stepped it up a notch in Steamboat and were really playing as a unit, Laub said. “It was a very educational experience getting to watch Karl Denson during sound check, rehearsing and seeing how they play off the crowd. They played a lot of tunes off their studio albums and it was interesting to see the difference when they played it live,” said Laub.Karl Denson’s energy and how he chose music specifically to play to the crowd is something Laub has been trying to get across to the other members of Flux5. It’s about playing for the moment.

“You can’t deny that the crowd is part of your music experience. With our style of music, dance-oriented stuff, it becomes an integral part. You need to be in the same moment as a band. Karl Denson’s band has it down,” Laub said.Flux5’s reception was a positive one. People were coming up to the members and asking them to come back to Steamboat and asking them where they play regularly. Being associated with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe will definitely draw more people to Flux5’s shows in the future.The band plays at Bagali’s in West Vail for a free show at 10:30 p.m. For more information, call Bagali’s at 479-9242.

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