Double the drummers, double the fun |

Double the drummers, double the fun

Cassie Pence
Special to the Daily Shakedown Street heads down by the river for its annual Memorial Day Weekend party at State Bridge Lodge in Bond Saturday and Sunday. The group welcoms Phix, a Phish cover band, on Sunday for a huge blow out jam.

BOND – The Grateful Dead had two drummers, so why shouldn’t a Grateful Dead cover band have double the percussion?Based in the Rocky Mountain region and playing the Dead since 1987, Shakedown Street have permanently added two drummers to its lineup. Jake Wolf and Trevor “Bones” David have been switching on and off with the band for a couple of years, but the group decided the sound is better with both.”It’s a much more full sound,” said Wolf, who has played in Dead cover bands for 16 years. “It’s kind of like a game of cat and mouse, but we’re both the cat and mouse. It creates that kind of loop that can surround the band with rhythm, and the rest of the band can have the freedom to go off in different directions.”Shakedown Street returns – with friends – for its annual Memorial Day Weekend party at State Bridge Lodge in Bond Saturday and Sunday. Phix, a Phish cover band, will play Sunday with the group.”I always new it could be done,” Wolf said of the two bands collaborating. “I was watching tapes from shows in the early ’70s where the Dead and the Allman brothers would jam as one huge band.”

Last weekend Shakedown Street and Phix played at the Boulder Theatre, and at the end of the show both bands went on stage for a combination-jam finale. Wolf said the crowd at State Bridge can expect the same.”We played Phish tunes, as well,” Wolf said.Shakedown Street is Ted Galloway, founder, Dave Recker (guitar), Jake Wolf (drums), Bones (drums), Joe Weisiger (keyboards) and Jim Allard (bass), who Wolf said is a stunt double for Phil Lesh.

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