Doubting it’s global warming; seems more like just the weather |

Doubting it’s global warming; seems more like just the weather

James Shannon
Vail, CO, Colorado

Six-hundred million years ago, the earth was covered in ice; 30,000 years ago, Chicago was under 600 feet of ice; 1,000 years ago, Greenland was the place its name insinuates (now that’s global warming).

Two-hundred years ago, there were icebergs in the Potomac River; 30 years ago, scientists claimed global cooling due to the clearing of rain forests, which caused the sun’s rays to reflect off the earth, thus causing the earth to cool.

Al Gore, with no scientific qualifications, claims, “The earth has a fever,” due to computer models that have shown the average temp has risen 0.6 of a degree within the past 100 years (as if we had accurate worldwide monitors 75 years ago), because man-made carbon dioxide levels have risen in the past 100 years. The sun’s rays are caught under this blanket of CO2 and therefore are warming the earth. This is nonsense.

The problem is this theory is not panning out and it is becoming quite apparent the earth is actually cooling and even true believers are having to accept this fact.

Now we have to change the term from “global warming” to “climate change.” Now let’s all worry about climate change! The earth could get warmer or it could get cooler. Gee, isn’t that a lot like the weather?

Fact: No one knows what the short-term climate of the earth will be. We cannot predict the weather even a month from now. Right now we are enjoying a warm spell in the midst of long cold spells, and we do know what the long-term climate will be. We are entering an ice age. The earth’s atmosphere will cool and no amount of CO2 or anything else man does or does not do will change that fact.

Let’s settle down and think this through and not throw away our oil-based economy just yet. We have time to change to other technologies. Let’s not tax energy around the world, which would be a tax on the poor (China and India won’t pay anyway). There is no urgency to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 is the heaviest gas in the atmosphere and only 500 parts per million; it hugs the earth and feeds vegetation. It does not pollute any more than water vapor (now there’s a real greenhouse gas!)

My father told me once that someday the government would find a way to tax the air we breathe.

So let’s come full circle from the great crisis of “global warming” and “climate change” to just “the weather.”

James Shannon

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