Down by the river, Eagle’s new community hotspot |

Down by the river, Eagle’s new community hotspot

Eagle’s new River Park was thoughtfully designed with the entire community in mind. The Town welcomes the public to its grand opening River Park Jam & BBQ on May 26.

Eagle’s new River Park
• The new park runs from Chambers Park through the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo Grounds.
• The Upland Park area – which includes Chambers Park and improvements north of the river –houses a restroom and changing area, as well as parking.
• The Whitewater Park features waves, eddies, chutes, and drops that will be fun to tube and float during low water times.
• At higher flows, this otherwise tame section of the Eagle River will feature large waves that kayakers and SUPers can surf and play on.
• These water features will be ideal for competitions and festivals as well an afternoon surf sessions after work.
• Drops 1 and 2 have a bypass channel to the left that will allow boaters and tubers to bypass more advanced features. The bypass channel will also provide a calm route for fish migrating through this reach of the river.
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River Park Grand Opening
The annual Eagle River Jam & River Park Grand Opening is May 26, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Enjoy free rafting with Timberline Tours, hot dogs, lawn games, live music and more. Come to the new Eagle River Park dressed to get wet. Rafting is open to everyone who arrives before noon on a first come, first serve basis. Some age restrictions may apply due to water levels.
A ribbon cutting is scheduled for May 24.
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Eagle is celebrating the grand opening of the much-anticipated River Park in May

By Lauren Glendenning
Brought to you by the Town of Eagle

The Town of Eagle is celebrating the grand opening of the Eagle River Park, envisioned to become one of the community’s main gathering places, with a River Jam community grand opening on May 26.
With a robust offering of outdoor recreational opportunities — camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, off-road motorized travel and more — the Town of Eagle has become a hub of adventure in Eagle County. It’s also become a destination unto itself in Colorado.

“It’s super exciting seeing this project come to fruition”, said Eagle Marketing and Events Manager Jeremy Gross. “We’re really proud of our bike trails, our recreational opportunities, and our access to open space. The Eagle River Park is really just the keystone, the last step to elevating what we have.”

The Eagle River Park is a 4.3-acre park that wraps along the Eagle River near the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Grounds and Chambers Park. It includes in-stream water recreation features, known as the Whitewater Park, and an area called Upland Park, which includes Chambers Park and improvements to the area just north of the water features.

The water features
There are four in-stream water features (Drops 1, 2, 3, and 4) in the whitewater portion of the park. Starting upstream, Drops 1 and 2 are advanced, high-energy features. During peak runoff, Drop 1 will be fast-moving, with a low-slope, bowl effect. It’ll calm down during low-flow months for floaters and tubers.

Drop 2 is also high-energy, referred to as the “Rodeo Hole”. It offers a place where paddlers can practice loops, cartwheels, lunar orbits and other freestyle moves. There’s also a convenient spectator spot for both Drops 1 and 2 on terraced rock benches along the riverbank.

“There’s a bypass channel on river left for anyone who wants to avoid the more advanced Drops 1 and 2,” notes Gross.

Drop 3 and Drop 4 don’t have a bypass route, but Gross said they’re much smaller features, perfect for beginner or intermediate paddlers.

Drop 3 is the full width of the river and will evolve from a foam pile at lower flows into a less steep feature during higher water. This drop is the stepping stone between Drops 1 and 2, and Drop 4. Drop 3 is a true beginner’s feature where people can learn to surf, SUP or practice basic paddling maneuvers.

“It’s the perfect place for beginners to learn,” said local athlete Ken Hoeve, who paddled the finished water park features in mid-March.

Gross said the four features work as a system, which gives paddlers variety and encourages progression. For instance, kayakers might end up preferring one feature, while surfers may gravitate toward another.

“Really it’s about finding what works best for you,” Gross said.
Hoeve said the Whitewater Park’s pool drop design offers regrouping points, pooling the river in shallower areas where it would otherwise diminish. The design features a little rapid, followed by a pool, and then repeats. This pattern helps funnel the water.

“There are some nice little currents in there,” Hoeve said after paddling it in March.

Gross sums up the moral of the story: “Come down and surf Eagle — it’s awesome. Also be sure to attend our River Park Jam & BBQ on May 26 to kick things off right!”

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