Dozens in Aspen on Madoff’s list |

Dozens in Aspen on Madoff’s list

ASPEN, Colorado ” Even when he was on the gondola Thursday, Aspen, Colorado resident Steve Goldenberg could not avoid dealing with the Bernard Madoff scandal that has rocked dozens of local residents.

“This has become a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week problem,” Goldenberg said from his cell phone minutes before he stepped off the bucket. “You can’t get away from this. It’s a nightmare.”

Goldenberg is one of a number of Aspen investors whose names were revealed in a court document released Wednesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan. Madoff is accused of cheating investors out of some $50 billion in a Ponzi scheme and is currently being held under house arrest at his multimillion-dollar penthouse.

The list does not detail how much each person or institution invested, providing only a physical address or post office box next to the name. Some names or institutions are shown several times, others just once; it is believed the duplicate names equate to multiple investments.

The 162-page document (see link above) names celebrities such as Larry King, sports stars such as Sandy Koufax, trusts, charities, businesses and other investors. John Denver Concerts Inc. and John Denver Enterprises appear on the list, as does Denver’s ex-wife, Ann.

But that’s not where the local connection ends: The list shows a couple of dozen investors with Aspen addresses. Three more come from Snowmass, and two are from Basalt.

The amount people have lost varies, but Goldenberg said he tries to remain optimistic: “Everybody in Aspen is trying to help each other.”

Other investors on the list contacted Thursday either declined to comment or did not return telephone messages.

“It’s complicated and unpleasant,” one victim said.

The list’s findings can also be misleading. Preston Fox, an Aspen tax attorney and accountant, is on it but he’s not an investor. Rather, Fox handled the accounts of three clients who invested with Madoff, meaning he receives their financial documents related to the suspect. “As the lawyer and CPA, I received all of the statements from Madoff on behalf of my clients,” Fox said. “I had three clients who got burned.”

Goldenberg, who began investing with Madoff in 1996, would not say how much he lost. He said he has hired a law firm and stays in constant contact with other Aspen investors.

He seems resigned to the fact that he won’t recoup what he lost.

“It’s hopeless,” he said.

The only financial break that might arise will come in the form of tax breaks or other relief, he said. But his chief concern is about Madoff’s fate.

“The real thing I don’t get is why he isn’t in jail. That’s what I want to see.”

The Madoff list ” localized

The following names appeared with local addresses on the list of Bernie Madoff’s victims that was released Wednesday.


Gary Albert

Albert Family Retirement LP

Gaston and Nancy Alciatore

Aspen Fine Arts

David Chamberlin

Dr. Morton Eisenberg

Donnelley Erdman

Richard Felder

Preston Fox

Stephen Goldenberg

Kenneth Gutner

Kenneth H. Gutner Revocable Trust

Second Gutner Family

Philip M. Holstein Jr.

Geraldine Karetsky

Investments International

Melvin Knyper

Marc William and Dana Lynn Mandelbaum

Dr. Robert Magoon and Nancy Magoon

Bart F. Pepitone

Richard S. Poland

Lexie Brockway Potamkin

Lloyd G. Schermer

Diane Sloves Trustee

Joseph Sloves

Harold Thau


Liebmann Family Revocable Trust (Bruce and Bonnie Liebmann)

Bonni Liebmann

Jillian Wernick Livingston


Edward F. Calesa Trustee

Michele and James Cardamone

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