Dozens of cars vandalized in Rifle and Silt shooting spree |

Dozens of cars vandalized in Rifle and Silt shooting spree

Alex Zorn

A vandalism spree Monday evening in Rifle resulted in window damage to approximately 34 cars, three businesses and one home.

Rifle police believe the vandal or vandals drove around town with a BB or pellet gun. The matter is still under investigation.

“No one area was targeted specifically,” said Chief of Police Tommy Klein. “Not one of those things you can prevent or prepare for. If some kid wants to damage your property with a BB gun, he can. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason.”

The random nature of the attack has Klein most perplexed, as street blocks throughout Rifle were either attacked or not with no clear motivation. Some blocks had multiple cars with windows shot out while others had none.

The spree is thought to be in connection to a similar incident that occurred in Silt the same night. Sgt. Mike Kite with the Silt Police Department said that it appears that someone drove the street in downtown Silt and fired a pellet at one of the storefront windows at approximately 11:45 p.m. Monday.

The police departments will work together on the investigation.

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