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Dream come true

We all dream of marrying our best friend, and for this couple, that dream is about to come true! Jacquelyn Walls and Donald Harbour will be exchanging wedding vows this July Fourth weekend. Congratulations to the bride, the groom and also to Jacquelyn’s daughter Aerionna. Aerionna will celebrate not only the union of a man and woman but the union of a new family. Congratulations!



Gypsum Elementary School community would like to thank everyone who made our Literacy Carnival an unbelievable success. Thanks to Columbine Market and City Market for donating all the bags that over 350 kids used to carry their free books. Mr. Horton, thanks for donating so many beautiful books. The kids love them. Deb Dutmer, we are very grateful to you for bringing the Book Bus for kids to tour. The kids are excited to see you in the summer. Mike Boeke, thanks for coming and sharing your beautiful stories with us. You are an amazing storyteller. Our s’mores were a huge success, thanks to our fabulous Gypsum Fire Department, who supervised the affair. Many thanks to G.E.S. P.T.A. for the hotdog cookout. YUM! Finally, we are so grateful to Gypsum Public Library for donating the many beautiful books that are now in the hands of our grateful students. Thanks also to Kendra for participating in the event. We feel so fortunate to have so many people and organizations supporting our efforts to make reading so much fun. Now it’s up to you G.E.S students. Are you ready to read, read, read, through the summer?

So we had a lot of spare time over the weekend because we weren’t too busy shoveling snow. And while we were thusly unoccupied with shoveling, we got to thinking of some big questions, like: Why the heck doesn’t the moon have a name? Looking up at the new moon that was going on recently (which we couldn’t really see), we just had to wonder why the moon – our little brother in space, the closest celestial object to us, the brightest critter in the night sky – why didn’t it get a decent name other than the generic noun for an orbiting body?

It’s like having a kid and naming him “Son” or her “Daughter.” Having a dog named “Dog” or a state named “State.” Other moons in our solar system have really cool names: Callisto, Ganymede, Io and Europa are some of Jupiter’s moons. Saturn has Titan, Iapetus, Mimas and Hyperion, and although we’re not quite sure about “Iapetus,” the rest sound pretty interesting.

Earth’s moon often looks angry, don’tcha think? Glaring down on us like a PO’d kid who’s just been told he can’t take his crossbow to school, the moon is justifiably miffed because it got dissed on naming day. We have no idea about how this happened, but we do have a suggestion: Name our moon “Vulcan.” It fits in with the Greco-Roman gods theme used in other astronomical nomenclature, it sounds cool, and there’s a little bit of that Star Trek glow to it.

Sure, it’d take some getting used to. Texts would have to be changed (“The cow jumped over Vulcan”; “Goodnight, Vulcan” “The Vulcan landings”; “There’s a full Vulcan tonight,” etc.) But hey, if we can put a man on Vulcan, we can do anything, right?!

But we don’t believe our moon should be renamed just because we were bored with all the non-shoveling. We suggest a contest to see what readers think the moon should or could be named. The results should then be forwarded to NASA or whoever it is that decides what things in the sky should be named. So how about it, Town Talk readers? Send us in ideas about what to name the moon and we’ll send you a T-shirt or a box of doughnuts or something. Who knows, you could become famous for finally correcting the most glaring act of oversight in human history!

The Literacy Project’s summer reading program Reading On The GO! is a six-session fun program for middle school students at 10 a.m. on Thursdays beginning June 19. We are looking for volunteers who are organized, patient, reliable and flexible. Call Sloan at 970-949-5026 for more information.

Lost April 24 at the Inn at Riverwalk lobby bathroom. Yellow and white gold wedding ring with single inset diamond. “Always” is engraved on the inside of the band. I’m desperate for its return and my sleep. Reward. Call 970-390-1141 if you have any information or my ring.

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