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Dreams of skiers and riders

Tamara Miller
Vail Daily/Dominique TaylorFor some skiers, a 720 tailgrab in the park is just a halfpipe dream.

VAIL MOUNTAIN – They make it look so easy. Just watching the snowboarders at the Winter X Games made Q Flemings want to strap on his own board and hit the slopes. But doing a 720 with a tailgrab still is just halfpipe dream for him.”Every time I try to grab my board like that, I fall on my face,” he said. “I’m going to keep my feet on the ground, in the snow today.”Unfortunately, we can’t all be snowboarding or skiing stars like Shaun White or Tanner Hall. But we can dream, can’t we?It’s a hair thingLeslie Wagner of Chicago has this fantasy. She’s skiing at Steamboat Springs, on the Tomahawk run. No one else is around and the smell of pine trees sifts through the air. “I look good, my hair is flying back behind my face,” Wagner said. “I’m wearing a really good outfit.”

It’s her happy place. The slopes in Illinois are not.”They’re nonexistent,” she said. “They are icy and crowded. Now that would be a nightmare.”Her husband, Steve Mondrowski, daydreams about finding a stash of untouched powder. There’s no ice, and there are no face plants. “I have that feeling of gliding on a pillow,” he said. Ski fantasy, skiing not requiredA certain group of East Coast men had a hard time describing their snowboarding dreams. They are repressed, for sure.”I don’t really have one,” said Will Kennedy of New Jersey.”Boarding in the woods,” said Damian DeVito of Brooklyn.

“The woods,” echoed Stephen Claps, also of New Jersey.Enlightening.Seems the group was more interested in finding a place for breakfast than sharing their innermost feelings.”Now, I do have dreams about breakfast,” Claps said. “Bacon, eggs, bacon. We had breakfast at 3 a.m. the other day. I dreamt about breakfast all day.”Roni Johnson isn’t much of a dreamer, either. By noon Saturday, she hadn’t even hit the slopes. “I came to party,” she said. “I’m here for the social aspects.”The San Francisco resident typically heads to Lake Tahoe to ski. “The slopes are better here,” she said. “But the nightlife in Tahoe is more fun.”Deepest fears

Aside from face plants, Flemings has a healthy fear of plants. So did the rest of his group, all from Denver.”I really think I’m going to run into a tree today,” said T.J. Parker.But they had bigger obstacles to overcome Saturday. Flemings’ wife, Monique, was just minutes from taking her first run on a snowboard. She usually skis.”I just hope that I don’t come down black and blue like my brothers did,” she said. Despite her fears, Monique still has dreams.”The adrenaline rush you get from doing that last blue run of the day,” she said. Staff Writer Tamara Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 607, or tmiller@vaildaily.com.

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