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Drew Riley VMS

Drew Riley VMS

Sport(s), club(s): Soccer

Age: 17

Class of: 2006

Coach(es),leader(s): Coaches Bandoni, Gray, Verb, Morris and Tyler

Favorite summer memory: Going to Michigan all summer. Scooping ice cream and meeting new people

What’s your academic goal for this year: To get at least a 4 or a 5 on my AP exams

What’s the best thing about your sport(s): Stealing the ball. What have you done to prepare for the season: Well … I ran 3 times over the summer

What’s your perfect pre-game meal: A perfectly grilled steak with scalloped potatoes and fresh

vegetables at an amazing restaurant right past the Covered Bridge on the left, open nightly 5:30-close

Who is your role model and why: My role model is anyone who can finish a Bob Bandoni practice with a sprint session at the end

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