Driver’s ed teacher gets a car |

Driver’s ed teacher gets a car

Scott N. Miller
Bret Hartman/Vail DailyKelly Booker has purchased a car for her business, Eagle Valley Driver Training.

AVON – There’s been a hole in local driver’s education the size of a 2005 Ford Focus. Kelly Booker has just filled that hole.For several years, the only driver education available in the valley was a classroom affair. Kids would study the rules of the road, but couldn’t get behind-the-wheel training.Booker, who owns Eagle Valley Driver Training, has been providing classroom instruction for the past few years. She’s also a state-certified examiner, meaning she can give and grade the written and driving elements of the state’s driver’s license tests.Colorado Mountain College also provides classroom instruction for new drivers. Until now, though, local students had to travel to get in-car instruction.”It’s been an obstacle for me for the last two years,” Booker said. “People had been going to Glenwood, Denver and Summit County. It’s ridiculous we didn’t have it here.”With the rest of her business finally up and running, Booker was able to buy a car and, more importantly, find insurance at a price she could afford.

The car has the traditional passenger-side brake pedal, so Booker can bring the lesson to a quick stop if necessary.The need for in-car training has existed in the valley for years said one long-time local driver’s education teacher.”I get a lot of calls from parents asking who’s going to ride with their kids,” said teacher Jackie Ogden, who has been the community college’s driving teacher for several years. “Ultimately it’s the parents’ responsibility, but now Kelly’s available.”Parents will still have to supervise their kids through much of the wheel time needed to get a driver’s license, but Booker plans to take out two kids at a time for a total of 12 hours of training. Each kid will get six hours behind the wheel, with the other student observing.”They can see what the other student’s doing right, or, probably, the mistakes he’s making,” Booker said.And there will be mistakes. Booker said she hopes locals will look out for the red Ford with the “student driver” signs on it, and cut some slack to the people inside.Students have to pass their classroom instruction to be eligible for in-car training, but kids don’t have to take their class from Booker.

“This will be available to all the CMC kids, too,” she said.”It’s a great service to the community,” Ogden added. “I know I’ll refer my students to her.”Staff Writer Scott N. Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 613, or Learn More

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