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Drought’s steady beat

Don Rogers

Drought has become the operative word, given that in addition to a dry spring, the snowpack was around half of normal this winter.

The oldtimers are recalling the big wildfires of yore. The governor is contemplating political acts against dryness. Naturally, the national firefighting agencies are again hurting a bit for funding now that they really might need it again.

The drumbeat to certain disaster is rolling through the various news media, and there seems to be plenty of fodder for it. Front Range wildfires, the Palmer Drought Scale already pegged at “extreme.” Fire bans, water restrictions. Can this summer become anything other than catastrophe?

Well, actually, yes. Perhaps, ostrich-like our heads are in the sand. But we see hints of El Nino, a weather pattern that often delivers wet weather to the West during summer. We haven’t given up on the monsoon season to dampen things just when the potential for wildfire reaches its height.

In short, nature is nothing if not fundamentally unpredictable.

In the meantime, we’re all wise to conserve our water and take measures to protect our homes and families from wildfire potential. An ongoing problem is the number of homes plunked in the wildland that may well burn down for lack of commonsense measures of protection. Of course, this can happen during a “normal” Western Slope summer, and someday it will.

Rest assured, fire is part of the natural ecosystem. Our homes tucked in the brush or buggy pine trees are not.

Poison fad

What’s with this Botox fad anyway? Bad enough the kids are subjected to Viagra commercials on TV well before bedtime. Mom shooting up germs from spoiled cans? Over a few wrinkles? Please.

What a business opportunity, though. Try $301 million in annual sales of the stuff – delivered with needles, no less – and the outlook for sales annually topping $1 billion in a few years.

Forget post-modern, we’re going to reach post-real people, what with silicon injected in our lips and parts more private though revealing, other advertised enhancements as well as lifts, suctions and whathaveyou.

God forbid we look like humans, and our true ages.


Have to shake our heads at silly people working themselves into frenzies, real or made up, over whether the Happy Face pipe bomber is labeled a lefty or the Republican Party uses a picture of President Bush talking on the phone to Vice President Dick Cheney during the 9/11 crisis in a fund-raising letter. Get a life.


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