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Drunk driver passes Avon police chief

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado

AVON ” A drunk driver passed Avon’s police chief in a no-passing zone and was arrested, according to an Avon Police Department report.

Chief Brian Kozak says he was driving 30 miles per hour, the speed limit, on Nottingham Road when the man started tailgating him. The man then crossed the double-yellow line and passed Kozak on the left.

Kozak, driving an unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe with hidden emergency lights, pulled over the man.

The Miami man said he had had one drink, but swayed when he did a roadside sobriety test. The man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence ” it was his birthday.

In Kozak’s car, the man said he had messed up his life and started crying.

“You must think I’m an idiot for passing a cop,” the man reportedly said to the police chief. But “you were going 25 and the speed limit is 35.”

EAGLE ” A married couple found blood in their dog’s vomit and a chemical used to make methamphetamines when they returned from their vacation last week, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

A wife found a house-sitter on a bulletin board and asked her to house-sit. When the husband and wife returned, the carpets and stove had been cleaned very thoroughly and their dog kept throwing up.

Iodine tincture was found in a plastic container near the garage door and small cloth tissues stained with iodine were found in the trash. The wife looked the chemical up on the Internet and found it was used to make methamphetamines.

The house-sitter said her boyfriend was using the iodine for a cut on his hand. The dog was sick because it ate the boyfriend’s chocolate cake. The carpets were cleaned because the dog vomited everywhere, she said.

Hazardous materials technicians found no traces of methamphetamines in the home.

GYPSUM ” A hunter who told sheriff’s deputies he would purposely cross through some contested land was ticketed, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

A hunter, 38, called a woman and told her he would cross her land to go hunting the next day. The woman said if the hunter asked for permission, he could probably cross it.

The hunter said he didn’t need her permission, and told the woman to call the police to meet him there early the next morning. The woman’s husband called the Sheriff’s Office.

Meanwhile, the hunter’s lawyer had also called the Sheriff’s Office and said the hunter would meet a sheriff’s deputy at the land at 8 a.m. The hunter would cross the land by “prescriptive easement,” meaning that if someone had used the land for at least 18 consecutive years, he or she could do so without permission, the lawyer said.

The hunter said he had been crossing the land for 26 years.

That next morning, the hunter drove up in his pickup truck, pulling a horse trailer. He opened the gate, posted with no trespassing and no hunting signs, and walked onto the land.

The sheriff’s deputy, standing nearby, wrote the hunter a ticket for criminal trespassing.

EAGLE ” A man beat his co-worker because the co-worker threatened to tell their boss about the man smoking marijuana, according to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The men drove from Leadville to a construction site where they worked. The man started smoking marijuana and his co-worker said he would tell their boss.

The man his co-worker several times in the face and drove away. The man was found later, cleaning a cut on his hand.

The man said the co-worker threatened him with a knife, so he punched him. But the man’s story was inconsistent ” he said he never saw a knife, but also said the co-worker cut him with the knife.

The man was arrested on suspicion of assault. The bloody co-worker was taken to the hospital.

EAGLE ” A boisterous man who returned to see if he could be taken off Brush Creek Saloon’s list of banned patrons was ticketed, according to Eagle police.

The man walked into the bar and started yelling one afternoon. He almost got into a fight, left the bar and started cursing at a man outside.

The man was banned from the bar several months ago and wanted to be allowed back, he explained to police.

He was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

The Eagle Valley Enterprise contributed to this article. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 748-2931 or slynn@vaildaily.com.

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