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Drunk teens and stranded snowmobilers keep cops bus

Kathy Heicher/Eagle Correspondent

The past week has been a rocky one at a number of homes in the county, based on calls that have been placed to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. Here’s some of the cases that have been handled during the past week:

Disgusted dad

A Gypsum man summoned the cops after finding his 14-year-old daughter intoxicated.

The girl had told her parents she was going to visit a friend. However, when the father went to pick her up the friend’s house, she wasn’t there; and the friend hadn’t seen her. A couple of hours later the missing daughter called, and asked for a ride home.

When the father saw that she was drunk, he asked that an officer meet him, and the girl, at the town hall.

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The girl could not explain where she had been, who she had been with, or how she had obtained the liquor. She was issued a summons for underage drinking.

Domestic violence

The county cops handled a number of domestic violence cases during the past week.

n An Eagle-Vail woman walked into the sheriff’s sub-station in that neighborhood with a gallon zip-lock bag containing hair. She reported that her former boyfriend had pulled the hair out of her head during an argument.

The victim, who had several patches of missing hair on her scalp, alleged the boyfriend had kicked her down some stairs, and had threatened to cut her with a knife. In addition to the missing hair, she had a chipped tooth, scratches, and abrasions.

The 24-year-old boyfriend was charged with domestic violence and assault.

n An Edwards woman reported that her husband was drunk and out of control. The woman said she had taken the kids and left her spouse two days previously; then returned to their home to pick up some clothing.

He husband, who was upset because she left without giving him money, allegedly pushed and grabbed her, and threatened to kill her and the kids. The woman called the cops.

When questioned, the husband allegedly admitted his actions, explaining that he was trying to scare his wife so she would hand over some cash. He was charged with harassment, misdemeanor menacing, and domestic violence.

n After a night out drinking, an Edwards woman became upset when her boyfriend left their home again. She allegedly decided to block his return by placing some dresser drawers in front of the door.

However, when the man came back, he allegedly opened the door hard enough to break the drawers. Then, angry, he allegedly hit a framed photograph with his face, breaking the glass and smashed a couple of dining room chairs.

Neighbors heard the commotion and came in to calm the bloody man. The woman said that at no time did he threaten her.

He was charged with domestic violence and criminal mischief.

Hip-deep trouble

A 43-year-old Denver man and his 16-year-old son called for help after becoming mired in deep snow while on a snowmobile outing on Vail Pass.

The father summoned the cops after the pair worked for four hours to get back to civilization. The men, who had been attempting to walk in waist deep snow for about four hours, used a cell phone to summon help at about 6:15 p.m. The stranded men were on the south side of Black Lake; and although they could see I-70, they were not able to get to it.

Seven members of Vail Mountain Rescue responded with snowmobiles and snowshoes, and brought the men out. The duo were cold, but not injured. They did some warming up, then headed home.

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