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Drunk’s problems are Avon bartender’s problems

Dustin Racioppi
Avon, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado ” Any person drinking for five hours straight and not getting up once to use the bathroom reserves the right to pee their pants and not be made fun of for it, which happened to one man on Jan. 18.

He didn’t get in any trouble. It was the bartender who served him that’s in hot water.

According to the bartender, the man was drinking and watching football all day at the bar, being jovial and buying fellow barflys shots. When it came time to pay the tab, he griped a little about the exorbitant bill ” $146 ” but settled up and left. That’s when things got bad.

Employees heard a tumble and a roll from the stairwell, and before you knew it, the fire department was at the bar checking the man out. He suffered a laceration to his head and couldn’t even tell what day it was. He was apparently trying to make it to the bathroom, but collapsed and his bladder couldn’t hold out much longer.

Police questioned the bartender, who defended himself by saying it’s hard to determine when somebody’s too drunk when they don’t get up to use the bathroom. That’s the tell-tale of alcohol hitting the brain, he told police, and this guy hadn’t got up a single time that day.

Still, the bartender was served with a summons for sale to an intoxicated person.

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