Ducks Unlimited event coming to Vail Valley |

Ducks Unlimited event coming to Vail Valley

Tom Mullen
Vail, CO, Colorado

Ducks Unlimited is considered the world’s leader in wetlands conservation and is committed to maintaining and establishing the best waterfowl breeding habitat in North America. Biological surveys have shown that Ducks Unlimited has been highly successful in meeting their goals since its inception in 1937.

Not is all well for waterfowl and wetlands. There has been a surge in demand for food throughout the developing world, crops used in the production of bio-fuels, and changes in regional and national policies have literally change the landscape needed for healthy waterfowl populations.

When you see a duck on a local river or golf course pond, that animal most likely started its life hundreds if not thousands of miles from where you now see it. More importantly, for a duck to continue its annual migration and successfully breed, it needs proper habitat.

In order to maintain and enhance wetland habitat, Ducks Unlimited works cooperatively with landowners and other conservation minded organizations to find ways to maintain healthy waterfowl populations.

To succeed in its mission Ducks Unlimited volunteers, hunters, and conservationists hold grass roots community fundraisers.

The Vail/Eagle County chapter of Ducks Unlimited, in partnership with 4Eagle Ranch, will be holding its annual banquet on Saturday, May 16.

The Vail/Eagle County Committee volunteers encourage current Ducks Unlimited members and others interested in helping conserve Colorado’s and North America’s waterfowl and wetlands for future generations to attend this fundraiser.

This casual and fun event is open to the public but seating is limited and advanced reservations are encouraged.

If you would like to make reservations or learn more about this event, please contact Tom Mullen at 970-390-1489.

Tom Mullen

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